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Traditional services usually allow the family of a loved one to have a visitation or viewing of the person prior to burial, entombment or cremation. This type of service also gives friends of the family the opportunity and ability to express their condolences through a personal memorial tribute or physical presence at the funeral home.

Memorial services provide comfort to the family by allowing them to express their personal and emotional feelings about their loved one through the dignified display of an urn, photographs, videos or other mementos. This type of service arrangement also permits friends of the family to express their support and respect for their loss. The remains of the deceased family member may have already been cremated, buried or entombed prior to the memorial service.

Cremation services allow family members to choose the disposition of the cremated remains in the form of burial, entombment, scattering or even creating a high quality diamond as a memorial tribute to their loved one’s unique life. Prior to the cremation, family members may also choose to have a physical viewing of the body with a traditional visitation period for those who wish to express condolences or show respect. 

Pre-Planning service arrangements allow individuals and family members to make their decisions and selections in a much less emotional environment. By making these choices ahead of time, it spares surviving family members from having to make financial and service decisions during an emotional and stressful time. We are committed to respecting a family’s choice regarding services and will provide the guidance to help coordinate a meaningful tribute to someone’s life.

The personnel of Adolf Funeral Homes, Ltd. can arrange for the burial or cremation of U. S. veterans. We also arrange for VA burial benefits including flags, military honors, VA grave markers, VA monetary disbursements (when eligible) and more. (more...)

Annual Holiday Memorial service. Every year the Adolf Family holds a Holiday Memorial Candle Lighting Service. Since the holiday season can be especially stressful on loved ones missing someone special, our service gives them time to reflect and remember them in a special way.